Parachute operations certificate

Safety regulation

  • Purpose: Safety regulation
  • Application Fees: Nil
  • License Fee: As shall be prescribed by the Authority<br>
  • Maximum Processing Time: 1 Month
  • Related Websites: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Validity: 1 Year
  • Contact Office: <a href="" target="_blank">Civil Aviation Authority</a>
  • Renewal Fee: As shall be prescribed by the Authority
  • License Type: Certificate
  • Legal Basis: The Civil Aviation (Parachute Operations) Regulations, 2006
  • <ul><li>Compliance with operational standards and procedures contained in the parachute operations manual approved by the Authority.</li><li>Compliance with the currency requirements determined by the Authority.</li><li>Each altitude above mean sea level at which the aircraft will be operated when parachutists or objects exit the aircraft.</li><li>The applicant must have complied with the privileges and limitations of the authorisation.</li><li>The location of the centre of the drop zone in relation to the nearest airport, town or city.</li><li>The name of the air traffic control facility with jurisdiction of the airspace at the first intended exit altitude to be used for the parachute operation.</li><li>The name, address, and telephone number of the person who requests the authorisation or gives notice of the parachute operation.</li><li>The radius of the drop zone around the target expressed in nautical miles.</li></ul>