Investment license

To legalize foreign investment in Uganda.

  • Purpose: To legalize foreign investment in Uganda.
  • Application Fees: Nil
  • License Fee: Nil
  • Maximum Processing Time: 5 Days
  • Related Websites: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Validity: One-off
  • Contact Office: <a href="" target="_blank">Uganda Investment Authority</a>
  • Renewal Fee: N/A
  • License Type: License
  • Legal Basis: Investment Code Act Cap 92
  • <ul><li>A brief Business Proposal on the project (more than 5 pages).</li><li>Bill of lading to confirm importation of machinery (exceptional cases).</li><li>Copy of the secondary license issued by the relevant Government Ministry/Department or Agency.</li><li>Environmental Impact Assessment Report/Certificate of Approval by NEMA.</li><li>Evidence of availability of funds for the project, (which could be a Bank statement for the company/Directors.</li><li>Filled in Application Form for an Investment Licence (Form UIA 1).</li><li>Land status for the Project (Attach a copy of the land title or a tenancy agreement to confirm location of the project). </li><li>Legal status (Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and Articles &amp; Memorandum of Association from URSB).</li><li>Passport photo copy of foreign directors.</li></ul>