Import permit

Regulates importation of minerals into Uganda <br>

  • Purpose: Regulates importation of minerals into Uganda <br>
  • Application Fees: 1,000,000 Ugx <br>
  • License Fee: (a) ((Precious metals, Precious stones - 0.5%) and (Base metals - 1%)) of the prevailing price on the London metal exchange or any other metal exchange or market <br>(b) Industrial or building minerals - 1,000 Ugx per tonne
  • Maximum Processing Time: 1 Week
  • Related Websites: <a href="" target="_blank">Uganda Mining Cadastre Portal</a>
  • Validity: Expires per consignment
  • Contact Office: <a href="">Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines</a>
  • Renewal Fee: N/A
  • License Type: Permit
  • Legal Basis: The Mining Act, 2003. The Mining Regulations 2004
  • <ul><li><font color="#3333ff"><a href="" target="_blank">For new business - original certificate of registration (Business name) <b><font color="#ff0000">OR</font></b> certificate of incorporation (Company) - <i>Uganda Registration Services Bureau.</i></a></font></li><li>A person who imports any minerals into Uganda shall make a declaration before a customs officer regarding the type and quantity of minerals imported, after which the customs officer shall certify the import permit.</li><li>A statement and supporting documents giving particulars of the financial and technical resources available to the applicant to demonstrate the applicant’s ability to carry out properly the operation to which the application refers.</li><li>Description and location of offices, plants or other facilities, amount of investment and operating capital and technologies to be used.</li><li>Description of safety programmes and equipment and plans for protection of occupational health, industrial safety and the environment during regular operations.</li><li>In the case of an application for a retail license or a license for industrial consumers, proof of legality binding supply contracts with licensed wholesalers.</li><li>Proof of investment certification by Uganda Investment Authority.</li><li>Proof or binder of insurance for protection against third party liability, including environmental damages.</li><li>Tax clearance and Tax Identification Number from Uganda Revenue Authority.</li><li>The applicant shall be a body corporate.</li><li>The corporate name, registered office address and place where it was incorporated</li><li>The names, addresses and qualifications of management personnel to be employed for the operation.</li><li>The proof of ownership of storage facilities, rented or otherwise contracted by the applicant of sufficient installed capacity to maintain working stocks for – a) A minimum of ten days of the anticipated average monthly throughput, as stated in the applicants for retail licenses; and b) a minimum of ten days of the anticipated average monthly throughput within Uganda, as stated in the application, for applicants for import, processing, storage or whole licenses or any combination of them.</li><li>Where the body corporate is incorporated outside Uganda, proof of establishment of a place of business in Uganda and of registration as a foreign company in accordance with the Companies Act.</li></ul>