License to operate as an importer of dairy equipment

For conformity and compliance of dairy standards and regulations.

  • Purpose: For conformity and compliance of dairy standards and regulations.
  • Application Fees: Nil
  • License Fee: 500,000 Ugx
  • Maximum Processing Time: 3 Days
  • Related Websites: <a href=""></a>
  • Validity: 1 Year
  • Contact Office: <a href="">Dairy Development Authority</a>
  • Renewal Fee: 500,000 Ugx
  • License Type: Certificate
  • Legal Basis: The Dairy (Marketing and Processing of milk and Milk products) Regulations,2003
  • <u><b>Premises<br></b></u><ul><li>The structure housing the dairy equipment shall be of sufficient area to carry out work under sanitary/ hygienic condition.</li><li>Structure and design shall be able to allow for location of equipment in such a way that does not impede product and personnel flow.</li><li>Materials used in construction shall be non-toxic to human.</li><li>The materials shall be water proof and non-decomposable under the work environment. BUT this excludes polyethylene linings.</li><li>The walls inside the workroom shall be smooth, cleanable, and have uniform pattern.</li></ul><u><b>Equipment and Hygiene<br></b></u><ul><li>All Equipment surfaces that come into contact with milk shall be food grade (non-toxic, non-inert to milk and its products, non-absorbent or adsorbent, and not affected by cleaning chemicals), preferably stainless steel, aluminium alloys of tin and mild steel.</li></ul>