Temporary registration for foreign trained nurses and midwives


  • Purpose: Regulatory
  • Application Fees: Interview fee - 50 USD <br>
  • License Fee: 200 USD
  • Maximum Processing Time: 3 Weeks
  • Related Websites: <a href="http://unmc.ug/">www.unmc.ug</a>
  • Validity: 6 Months
  • Contact Office: <a href="http://unmc.ug/">Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council</a>
  • Renewal Fee: 50 USD
  • License Type: Certificate
  • Legal Basis: Nurses and midwives Act, Cap 274
  • <ul><li>3 black and white passport photographs – 5cm x 5.5cm.</li><li>A brief CV outlining post registration experience and skills.</li><li>A copy of photographic ID if certificate does not carry a photograph original to be brought at time of interview.</li><li>A copy of your certificate of registration – original to be brought at time of interview.</li><li>A letter of request for registration stating where and when you will be working in Uganda and the part of the register/roll you wish to be considered for.</li><li>A transcript of training showing theoretical and clinical hours.</li><li>Contact details – ideally include an email address.</li><li>For candidates whose first language is not English and nurse training was not conducted in English – a copy of IELTS pass at level 6.0 or higher – the original to be brought at time of interview.</li><li>For those applying for temporary registration – less than 3 months require a letter from the Ugandan licensed nurse/midwife who is accepting responsibility to supervise your practice whilst in Uganda; with a copy of their certificate.</li><li>Reference from present employer.</li><li>Verification of your current license from your registration body – where there is one; please use the attached form.</li></ul>