Pool betting operating license

<span class="typography">Regulate lottery, gaming and pool betting activities in the country</span>

  • Purpose: <span class="typography">Regulate lottery, gaming and pool betting activities in the country</span>
  • Application Fees: (a) Foreigners - 20,000,000 Ugx<br>(b) Nationals - 10,000,000 Ugx<br>
  • License Fee: 10,000,000 Ugx<br>
  • Maximum Processing Time: 21 Days
  • Related Websites: <a href="http://ngb.go.ug/" target="_blank">www.ngb.go.ug</a>
  • Validity: The 31st day of December of the year in which it is issued
  • Contact Office: <div id="collapse248" class="panel-collapse collapse in p-10"> <a href="http://ngb.go.ug/" target="_blank">National Gaming Board Uganda</a><a href="http://ngb.go.ug//" target="_blank"><br></a> </div>
  • Renewal Fee: 10,000,000 Ugx
  • License Type: License
  • Legal Basis: The Lotteries and Gaming Act, 2016, Act No. 7 of 2016.
  • <ul><li><font color="#3333ff"><a href="http://ursb.go.ug/services/business-registration/registering-a-new-company/" target="_blank">Proof of incorporation (Memorandum and articles of association).- <i>Uganda Registration Services Bureau.</i><br></a></font></li><li><font color="#000000"><a href="https://www.ebiz.go.ug/service/investment-license/" target="_blank">Investment certificate for foreign applicants.- <i>Uganda Investment Authority.</i></a></font></li><li>Recent annual forms of returns of a company with share capital.</li><li>Proof of physical location.</li><li>Most recent audited books of accounts.</li><li>Bank account details.</li><li>Corporate social responsibility (submit plan of corporate social responsibility).</li><li>Security guarantee.</li><li>Proof of payment of prescribed fees.</li><li>Business plan.</li><li>Rules and descriptions of games and equipment.</li><li>Details of company shareholders, directors and key employees.</li><li>Suitability of premises, subject to the inspection and approval by the board at a fee of 1,000,000 Ugx.</li></ul>