Registration of agricultural chemical

To ensure crop protection.

  • Purpose: To ensure crop protection.
  • Application Fees: 3,000 Ugx
  • License Fee: 5,000 Ugx
  • Maximum Processing Time: Product specific
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  • Validity: 3 Years
  • Contact Office: <a href="">The Crop Protection Department, Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries.</a>
  • Renewal Fee: 250,000 Ugx
  • License Type: Certificate
  • Legal Basis: The Agricultural Chemicals (Control) Act, 2006 and the Control of Agricultural Chemicals (Registration and Control) Regulations SI 29-1.
  • <ul><li>A certified application dosage and prescribed usage of the agricultural chemical.</li><li>Antidotes and first-aid treatment recommended in case of accidental poisoning.</li><li>Information on the technical knowledge of the applicant.</li><li>Payment of the testing fee which goes to the trial accredited scientist.</li><li>Reentry and pre-harvest intervals.</li><li>Samples of the agricultural chemical for official testing, evaluation and screening.</li><li>Samples of the technical grade of the agricultural chemical.</li><li>Special protective clothing required in respect of the use of the agricultural chemical.</li><li>The application shall be accompanied by 5 copies of the label for the agricultural chemical or duly certified copies of it.</li><li>The corrosive effects of the agricultural chemical.</li><li>And any other information.</li></ul>