Tax identification number (TIN)

Regulation of tax payment

  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Company Form 20.
  • Certificate of Registration and Company Form 24 for foreign companies.
Government bodies and Government funded projects
  • Letter from Line Ministry.
International and diplomatic organisations
  • Letter from current respective head of mission, Letter from secretary, Ministry of Foreign affairs.
Local Authority
  • Act of Parliament.
Clubs, Society or Associations
  • Club Constitution.
  • Certificate of Registration.
Estate or Trust
  • Trust deed or Letter of Administration.
  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Partnership deed.
  • Statement of Particulars.
Government schools/Government aided schools
  • EMIS Code.
  • Payroll Code.
Individual Registration Requirements
Any two of the following identification documents:
  • National ID, NSSF Card, Passport, Employee ID, Voters Card, Drivers Permit, Work Permit, Village Identity Card.
  • Current Bank Statement (Past 90 days), Visa, Diplomatic Foreign Affairs ID, Financial Card, Refugee ID.
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