Restricted certificate of air worthiness

For safety precautions

  • The applicant must present evidence to the Authority that the aircraft conforms to a type design approved under a type certificate or a supplemental type certificate and to the applicable airworthiness directives of the state of manufacture or design.
  • The applicant must prove that the aircraft has been inspected in accordance with the performance rules of these Regulations for inspections and found airworthy by persons authorised by the Authority to make such determinations within the last thirty days
  • The Authority findings, after an inspection, that the aircraft conforms to type design and is in condition for safe operation
  •  .The maintenance determined by the Authority as a prerequisite for issue of a certificate of airworthiness has been carried out and certified by a person acceptable to the Authority in accordance with these Regulations.
  • The results of flying trials, and such other tests of the aircraft as the Authority may require, are complied with.
  • N.B The Authority may issue a restricted certificate of airworthiness to the aircraft that does not qualify for a certificate of airworthiness including microlight, experimental amateur and kit built aircraft, an aircraft used for air races, aircraft flying for exhibition purpose and a kite. 696.
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