Flight radiotelephony operator license

To ensure compliance with the aviation safety standards.

  • An applicant for a flight radiotelephony operator license shall pass a practical and knowledge test covering the following areas— The ICAO spelling alphabet; Departure and position reporting, Obtaining meteorological information, Transmission and procedures of distress and urgency signals.
  • Be at least seventeen years of age.
  • Communication techniques and procedures; The necessity for brevity in radiotelephony communication and Priorities , Pre-flight briefing; Classification of directional finding bearings , Radiotelephony facilities and frequencies available in the FIR; Elementary knowledge of the relationship between wavelength and frequency; Radiotelephony procedures and phraseology and ability to use the radio equipment of the type installed in the aircraft including the ability to carry out emergency procedures.
  • Comply with the knowledge and skill requirements, for flight radiotelephone operator.
  • Demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted to a holder of a flight radiotelephone operator license.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, speak, write and understand the English language in accordance with the language proficiency requirements.
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