Type approval of radio communication and telecom equipment


  • A formal letter requesting for type approval, addressed to the office of the Executive Director.
  • Sample of the equipment to be marketed or / and installed (the applicant bears the costs of transporting the equipment sample to UCC and UCC does not guarantee the return of the equipment sample, as it maybe destroyed during testing).
  • Letter from equipment manufacture or manufacturer's  representative authorizing vendor to act as agent, if the vendor is an agent of an equipment manufacturer.
  • Technical / operational document (including details of transmission parameters, operating media, interface specifications, fulfillment of service technology requirements, etc) in the English language.
  • Copy of test report from manufacturer or an accredited test laboratory if available.
  • Proof of previous type approvals granted by other regulators if available.
  • Type approval application processing fee, which is non-refundable.
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