Certificate of registration to operate deep freezers

For conformity and compliance with the dairy standards and regulations.

  • The freezer shall be situated in an open, hygienic surrounding free from radioactive fallout.
  • The freezer shall be 50 meters away from the major or main roads where lots of dust, mud and obnoxious fumes, smoke or odours are present as a result of automobile traffic.
  • The plant shall be located 50 meters away from the garbage dumping sites.
  • The freezer shall be located 50 meters away from the open sewerage line.
  • The freezer shall be located 50 meters away from the motor vehicle Garage.
  • The structure housing the unit shall be of sufficient area to carry out work under sanitary/ hygienic condition.
  • Structure and design shall be able to allow for location of equipment in such a way that does not impede product and personnel flow.
  • Materials used in construction shall be non-toxic to human.
  • The materials shall be water proof and non-decomposable under the work environment. BUT this excludes polyethylene linings.
  • The walls inside the workroom shall be smooth, cleanable, and have uniform pattern.
Wall and ceiling
  • The elements used for construction shall be consistent, fitted together with no slits left between them and no vestigial studs.
  • The joinery points shall be done using food grade silicon filler (Does not react with water).
  • The ceiling shall be at a sufficient height, to give adequate clearance for activities in the work room.
  • The walls and ceiling shall be free from flake (peeling) paint and leak proof.
  • The architectural design of the floor shall be in such a way that it allows for liquid matter to flow towards the waste drainage.
  • The floor shall be made of water proof material (Terrazzo or Tiles).
  • The floor shall be made of materials resistant to chemical actions by alkalis and acids.
  • The floor shall be made of materials tolerant to very low and very high temperature.
  • Phone:+256 414343901/3
  • Physical Address:1 Kafu Road
  • Postal Address:P.O.Box 34006,Kampala, Uganda
  • Jurisdiction:National
  • Email Address:info@dda.or.ug
  • Website: www.dda.or.ug
  • Operating Hours:Moday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm (excluding weekends and public holidays)
  • Directions: View Directions