License, Registration and Accreditation of Health Training Institutions (HTIs)

Regulating Health Training Institutions

  • Approved building and business plan
  • Signed MoU with the management of the Clinical Sites (hospital for clinical attachment that should not be more than 20 km from the intended site)
  • The planned HTI must conform to the Ministry of Education and of Health, the District and/or Municipal Education and Training Development Plans
  • The proprietor must be identifiable, credible, of good repute, sound mind and without criminal record. This should be certified by the written recommendations from the 3 persons of integrity and good standing in the area (above) and of the inspectors (above).
  • Written proof of ownership or lease of land on which the HTI will be situated or tenancy agreement that is valid for at least 5 years (in case of hired buildings).
  • Phone:+256 41 234451/4
  • Physical Address:Embassy House, King George VI Way
  • Postal Address:P. O. BOX 7063 Kampala, Uganda
  • Jurisdiction:National
  • Email
  • Website:
  • Operating Hours:Moday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm (excluding weekends and public holidays)
  • Directions: View Directions