Petroleum facility construction permit

Regulate construction of petroleum facilities prior to commencement of construction works or major repairs.

  • A statement and supporting documents giving particulars of the financial and technical capability of the applicant to carry out the operation to which the application refers.
  • A Tax Identification Number for new investors and tax clearance certificate for existing companies.
  • Description and location of the project, amount of investment capital, technologies to be used, site and construction plans.
  • Environmental project brief or environmental impact statement in the form and with the information prescribed by the Environment(Environment Impact 4 Assessment) Regulations, for further processing in accordance with regulation 8 of these Regulations.
  • In case of a body corporate, the corporate name, registered office address and country where it is incorporated.
  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant.
  • Names, addresses and qualifications of potential principle contractors and supervisors to be employed for the project.
  • Proof of ownership or lease of the property on which the project is being carried out.
  • Proof of payment of fees prescribed by these regulations and of deposit for cost of experts according to regulation 12.
  • Proof or binder of insurance for protection against third party liability, including environmental damages during the construction phase, in the amount established and published by the Commissioner for the type of project to which the application refers.
  • Required approval or certification by the National Environment Management Authority, local or urban Authorities, and any other stakeholder institutions for the construction works.
The application shall include;
  • The description of safety programmes, equipment and plans for the protection of occupational health, industrial safety and environmental protection during regular construction operation as well as contingency plans for accidents, natural disasters and emergencies.
  • The estimated date of completion of the project.
  • Where the body corporate is incorporated outside Uganda, proof of establishment of a place of business in Uganda and registration as a foreign company in accordance with the Companies Act.
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